Insurance Marketplace Sponsorship Calculator

for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Estimating Costs and Benefits of buying insurance through a Tribal Premium Sponsorship Program.

Estimated User Eligibility and Sponsorship Cost

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Medicaid Expansion Data

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Facility User Count


Statewide Uninsurance Rates and Expenditures

Estimated State Health Expenditures for AI/ANs between 139% - 400% FPL at Take Up Rates between 20% - 100%
Custom Estimate

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Facility User Count

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Average Premiums

Visit to determine marketplace premiums in your state.

No cost sharing

No cost sharing for enrolled tribal members under 300%.

Expenditures per person

Source: IHS Federal Disparities Index

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Enter a number here for comparison estimate. By default this will be 25% higher than the standard estimate for comparison.