Affordable Care Act: Resilient in 2017?

In 2017, Marketplace continues to offer a streamlined application process to help American Indian and Alaska Native patients access benefits and activate protections and exemptions that may apply. Certain protections apply to enrolled members of federally-recognized tribes only. In order to determine if you qualify for the protections, you may be asked to provide additional documentation for tribal membership and household income.

By filling out one simple, user-friendly application, you will learn if you qualify for financial assistance through either:

  1. Advanced Premium Tax Credits to purchase coverage in the Marketplace,
  2. Reductions in cost-sharing that will reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket costs when you receive services using the coverage you purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace, or
  3. Enrollment in CHIP or Medicaid, if your state expands eligibility.

American Indian and Alaska Native consumers have the option to complete either the paper or online application. There are specific requirements for the paper and online application processes, which may vary according to the state you live in. To complete the online application, please visit:

Members of federally recognized tribes and ANCSA shareholders can enroll in a Marketplace plan any time. You can change plans up to once a month.

Affordable Care Enrollment Brochures, PSAs Videos, and Factsheets can be found here.


Enrollment Success Stories

The Indian Health Service Tribal Self-Governance Advisory Committee’s National Indian Health Outreach & Education project has collected success stories on the positive impacts of enrollment of tribal members in the Marketplace. To read these amazing stories, click here.

 Exemption Available for American Indians and Alaska Natives from Individual Shared Responsibility Payment

American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) and other people eligible for services through the Indian Health Service, tribal programs, or urban Indian programs (like the spouse or child of an eligible Indian) don’t have to pay the fee for not having health coverage. This is called having an Indian health coverage exemption. You can claim the exemption on your federal tax return and retrieve that form here. To find out what you’re eligible for, please visit and fill out an application on

Resources for Tribal Employers

A Quick Guide for Tribal Employers enrolling employees in the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) is available here.

Find our more about Dental Services covered in the Marketplace and Dental Heath Aid Therapists (DHAT) here.

Recorded Webinar on cost-sharing protections and how providers receive full payment for services is available here.

Prerecorded National Indian Health Outreach and Education (NIHOE) webinar on the IRS Excise Tax (Cadillac Tax) on High Cost Employer Sponsored Coverage is available here.

Prerecorded NIHOE webinar on Affordable Care Act IRS Information Reporting for Tribal Employers is available here.

Prerecorded IRS webinar on Affordable Care Act: Information Reporting by Applicable Large Employers on Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage IRC 6056 is available here.

Prerecorded NIHOE webinar on Federal Employee Health Benefits Program is available here.

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