The Affordable Care Act offers opportunities for all American, including American Indians and Alaska Natives, to access private insurance programs. This new access requires an understanding of the current options and how each type of insurance best fits you and your family’s needs.  Below are resources that explain your insurance rights and protections, including those that are specific to American Indians and Alaska Natives.


Insurance Basics

The Affordable Care Act expands options for individual consumers to purchase insurance through private and exchange markets. Know the basics:  How much will it cost? Can you keep your doctor? What products look like health insurance but aren’t? This guide has the answers.

Insurance Options

If you need insurance, here’s a rundown on all your insurance choices, from public programs to private insurance policies and work-based options you may not be aware of. Also available is information for you if you’re about to lose your work-based insurance.

Rights and Protections

Learn about the rights and protections you have as a consumer of health insurance–plus how these rights and protections will change under the Affordable Care Act in 2014 and beyond.

Services Covered

Learn about coverage for preventive services, pre-existing health conditions, and other coverage rights and options under the law.

Costs & Payments

Learn about health insurance costs, financial assistance for pregnant women, and tax credits that make health insurance more affordable–plus how all of these are changing under the Affordable Care Act.