Other Resources

Aboriginal Connections – A website that shares aboriginal resources for the United States and Canada.

American Indian Health – This Web resource on American Indian Health, sponsored by the National Library of Medicine, is designed to bring together health and medical resources pertinent to the American Indian population including policies, consumer health information, and research. Links are provided here to an assortment of documents, Web sites, databases, and other resources.

Families USA – Health Reform Central – This website includes an overview of the health care reform law, information on implementation, information for states, and publications.

Health Care and You – This website has information on health reform for consumers, including what the Affordable Care Act is, the timeline for implementation, and state-specific information.

HealthCare.gov – This is the federal government’s health care reform website. There is an online tool where users can find options for health coverage, information on the health reform law for various groups, and information on prevention, quality of care, and insurance options by state

Index of Native American Resources – A website of indexes of Native American resources.

Indian Country Today – Online news and information from Indian country, with areas of education, business and events.

Indianz.com – A website of news, politics, arts, health issues and other issues of interest to Native Americans.

Kaiser Family Foundation – Health Reform Source – This website from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation has information and resources on health reform, as well as health reform news, research and analysis, and state-level information.

National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) – A national organization located in Washington, D.C. that monitors federal legislation affecting Indian country.

National Indian Health Board (NIHB) – A national organization located in Washington, D.C. is an inter-Tribal organization that advocates on behalf of Tribal governments for the provision of quality health care to all American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Native American Calling – A live call-in program linking public radio stations, the Internet and listeners together in a thought-provoking national conversation about issues specific to Native communities.

News from Indian Country – Indian Country Communications, Inc. is an independent, Indian-owned, reservation based newspaper of politics, arts, health issues and other issues of interest to Native Americans.

The Commonwealth Fund – Health Reform Resources – The Health Reform Resources website has information on the Affordable Care Act, expanding access, payment reform, quality improvement, news, links to podcasts, and more.

The Indian Health Service (IHS) – An agency within the Department of Health and Human Services and is responsible for providing federal health services to American Indians and Alaska Natives.

The White House – Health Reform in Action – This website has information about the new law, myths and facts about health reform, information on how the law affects families, young adults, businesses, seniors, and the economy, and state-specific information.


Tribal Self-Governance Advisory Committee (TSGAC) brief provides information to Tribes on the number of American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs) gaining Medicaid coverage, by state.