Individual Consumers

Individual consumers include American Indians and Alaska Natives who need access to health care.  This person may receive health insurance from his employer, purchase insurance from an insurance company, enroll in Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP, or receive health services provided by an IHS, tribal, or urban clinic.  This stakeholder group can be broken down further based on expected changes under health reform.  These smaller groups include young adults, families, and tribal elders.

Health Directors

Tribal health directors are expected to oversee systemic change made in the ACA and IHCIA. provides material for health directors about clinical and systemic changes as well as outreach and education materials for use throughout the system they oversee.

Tribal Employers and Tribes as Employers

Tribally-owned small businesses and enterprises play a critical role in providing health insurance to employees.  Under health reform, they will implement a number of changes including provision of insurance, participation in affordable insurance exchanges, and application of tax credits.

Tribal Governments

Tribal government and tribal leaders worked over a decade for the permanent reauthorization of IHCIA and with it many new opportunities for tribal communities. supports tribal leaders’ efforts to educate their citizens, make responsible decisions, and learn more about provisions to improve the health and wellness of their communities.